Why glass is better?

Why glass is better?

  Why is It the better and Why Should I Choose It? 

Are you one of those people who randomly picks up any disposable plastic bottle on the go just because it’s convenient? Or may it seem more practical to get a throwaway water bottle instead of carrying a glass water bottle? Or are you confused between glass drinking bottles and plastic bottles and don't know which one to buy? Do you want to compromise on quality but can't afford high pricing ranges?
We are going to discuss why glass water bottles are the best water bottles and  better than plastic ones. Switching from plastic to glass water bottles has a number of advantages, including safeguarding your health and saving the planet.
Despite plastic being cheaper than glass, it takes over 1000 years to decompose. It is one of the leading sources of land, soil, and water pollution, and it is extremely hazardous to the environment. 
land pollution

3 Reasons Why Glass Bottles Are The Best

 plastic toxins

1. No Risks Of Chemicals

Most plastic bottles have PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) as a chief constituent, and it is very harmful to our health and the environment. In comparison, glass bottles are chemical-free
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 2. Easier to Clean

Glass bottles are more likely to use less water and soap as they don't get scratches, so the dirt and microbes can’t get trapped in them

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      3. Preservation of minerals and freshness

It preserves the minerals in the water and makes it fresh for a longer period. They also manage and stabilise the water temperature for a longer time than plastic ones. That’s why the water doesn't expire in glass water bottles because it is not contaminated with chemicals, and glass also preserves the healthy nutrients in the water.
Best glass water bottles
Diagonal Horizon is a premier glass bottle brand that aspires to minimize and help eliminate plastic usage. Their goal is to provide glass water bottles in Australia that are both beneficial for human usage and good for the environment.

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