Meet the Colours : Exploring the Inspiration Behind our Junior Tumbler Shades

Meet the Colours : Exploring the Inspiration Behind our Junior Tumbler Shades

Have you checked out the incredible range of colours in our brand new stainless steel Junior Tumbler range yet?

The Diagonal Horizon team had a great time considering each new colour in the range and we hope you’ll feel the love and inspiration we wanted to pass on to you! Meet the colour new stainless steel Junior Tumbler:


On trend in 2024, peach is warm and fuzzy and gives off gorgeous feminine vibes.
Our peach stainless steel tumbler was chosen for its likeness to a beautiful sunset and the way it makes us feel nostalgic.
We love peach for its depth, neutral nature and the way it is reflected in nature all around us.


Classic, chic and bold; black is a go to staple colour for almost everyone! Pop a black stainless steel tumbler on your desk and it will instantly compliment your office stationary. Take it with you in your bag and it matches your outfit. Black is a colour that will always be on trend and enjoyed for years to come, over the lifespan of your stainless steel tumbler.


Known for its reference to good luck, prosperity and health ; mint is a delightfully cool colour. We love this tone for its refreshing feel, as it quenches the thirst, leaving us feeling hydrated and cool.


Clean and pure, white is a subtle nod to our environmental efforts as we pioneer sustainable office culture, one stainless steel Junior Tumbler at a time! We love the crisp and clean feeling of a white tumbler. Being a neutral colour, you will also appreciate that white coordinates with just about any office desktop stationery.


Passionate, hopeful and brimming with energy; pink’s got it in spades! For the feminine touch, a dash of pink on your stainless steel tumbler, will surely brighten up your day.

Dusty Blue

This was one of our office favourites and it’s not difficult to see why! Playful and sweet, dusty blue Junior Tumblers are a wonderful accessory for people looking to change things up. Unique by nature, dusty blue is perfect for leaving in the office as your daily reminder to drink more water!

Now that you’ve met the lineup, the hardest part will be choosing which (or how many) stainless steel Junior Tumblers to add to your collection. Stainless steel is a cleaner, healthier choice for your daily hydration and as it's recyclable and sturdy, it makes an excellent choice for a sustainable future.

Invest in a  stainless steel Junior Tumbler today and enjoy the benefits of fun and colourful hydration for years to come.




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