Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $50

It can be hard sometimes to find that gift for that person who already has everything. Hours of roaming around the shops, trying to find something unique while staying within budget can be so hard. Look no more as we’ve got some great recommendations for you.

Frosty Glass Water Bottles - $45

These personalised water bottles are available in 4 different colours – a colour for everyone. Glass bottles are good for health as they don’t leach toxins unlike plastic bottles. With a perfect size to track their hydration, everyone needs that right sized quality glass container with water. They never go out of the trend and fashion. The best deal is that they can be personalised.

Infinity Tumbler - $37

Ooo this is quite interesting! Yes. Seen everywhere, dozens of keepsake coffee tumblers, Stainless steel travel tumbler and mugs are all around and this may look like another one that’s available in market now huh? What happened to coffee when you tried those?
Well, I can vouch for this one. Tried and tested! This has kept my coffee HOT for longer than 3 hours. Made a cuppa before school drop-off and sat back and enjoyed it HOT after. True story! For all tired mummas out there who wish to have their HOT coffee, this is the answer to all your prayers (okay that’s extreme, your wishes ;))

Creative journals - $40

Well, this one is perfect for your sister, best friend, a teenager who is a creative and have ideas aplenty! This is a creative journal for all kinds of people: a writer, an artist, hand lettering artist, bullet journal, planner enthusiast, stationery addict…you name it, this journal covers it.
The best part is that it can be 100% customisable. With the additional inserts available to order, they can be customised/assorted to according to your need or desire.

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