Gifts for your clients that stand out

Gifts for clients that stand out!

What is a perfect gift you ask? You spend hours and hours browsing through
the internet finding different and unique gifts for your clients. Exhausted and
frustrated, you give up and end up sending the same old hamper as what you did last year. True especially for corporate giftThere is no harm in sending a generic hamper, but you experienced ZERO joy in sending those gifts. Imagine how your clients felt?

Not to give you anxiety but another truth bomb coming your way… you see,
when your clients receive your gift, they are going to open it and think it's sweet, post it on insta and tag you with #happiestpersonever and that would be it. Hampers will be forgotten and will most likely never be seen again. Also, food can be tricky as everyone has different preferences.


SO, what gift will stand out and tick all the boxes? Glad you asked ;) 
As a gift designer, I ask my clients a few questions before the design process starts.

  1. How would they describe their own clients, like their personalities and preferences etc?
  2. Colour preferences (you won’t like to send pink to someone who prefers jade)
  3. Favourite drink (again very important, don’t need to send alcohol to non-drinker, or tea to a coffee-snob)
  4. Lastly, what is desired to be achieved by sending the box, what should the box say to them?

Where can you get this kind of service? I believe in creating unforgettable experiences in the boxes. The questions above help me gauge, plan, and map out all the must-have products in a box that ring true to the recipient. Corporate gifting doesn’t need to be boring or standard. Bespoke gifting by Diagonal Horizon can create magical gift boxes which will leave a long-lasting impression.

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