Eco Friendly Living: Ditching Disposable Cups for Stainless Steel

Eco Friendly Living: Ditching Disposable Cups for Stainless Steel

As life gets busy, we begin to lean towards  “grab and go” habits. Convenience is king and often disposable items are the first we reach for, especially at a moment’s notice. Eco friendly considerations are more readily available than you may have once thought and will not only save on landfill, but also your hip pocket.

Stainless steel tumblers are a simple and effective alternative to disposable cups and are loaded with benefits not only for your body but also for the environment! Read on to find out how making the switch could be a better choice for you and the environment.

Grab and go: stainless steel tumblers are quick and easy

Lightweight and sturdy, stainless steel tumblers are easy to stack and store in the cupboard or keep in your bag on the go. The perfect accompaniment to your desk, you can keep your tumbler handy for sipping throughout the day. Once you have your stainless steel tumbler on hand, you’ll stop reaching for disposables!

A trend we can get behind

As stainless steel tumblers grow in popularity, more and more people are getting behind this earth-friendly choice. We are thrilled to see the rise of eco-conscious consumers, making better choices for the earth. It's little wonder our stainless steel tumblers have become a hot commodity! (Especially in fun colours).

Durability meets quality

Stainless steel is a recyclable material which is well known for its durable nature. Dropped, tipped and tossed into a bag; your stainless steel tumbler will soldier on long after a disposable alternative. You can be assured that our gorgeous range of tumblers will be a worthy investment.

Better for you

Stainless steel is a safe and clean metal, which is well known for its use in kitchens and kitchen appliances. With no BPA, stainless steel is a sustainable and healthier alternative to a plastic tumbler.

Stainless steel tumblers are the eco-friendly alternative that is better for you and for the Earth. Ready to make the switch? It’s easy! Simply click here and view the range for yourself, then get ready to enjoy the best cup you will buy in 2024.

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