Colour Psychology: Choosing the Perfect Tumbler Hue for Your Mood

Colour Psychology: Choosing the Perfect Tumbler Hue for Your Mood

In the spectrum of colours, which is your absolute favourite? For us it has to be pink! It brims with happiness and brightens up our day.
When you choose items for your home or office, whether it be decor, drinkware or stationary; your brain is influenced by colours and those choices stem from the psychology of colour.

Influences such as your cultural heritage, childhood memories and even friends and family can influence the colour choices you gravitate towards subconsciously and these colour choices have an effect on your overall mood.

So when it comes to choosing your new tumbler, exploring the psychology of colour is a fascinating consideration and it might just positively influence your mood for the day.

Our favourite colour: Pink is a colour of hope and comfort. It is known to alleviate sadness and remind you of the warmth of a hug, a friendship or a happy memory.

Choosing a pink tumbler is a wonderful way to embrace joy in your day and remind you of happy times.

Peach is a joyful colour which is not as bright in its red and pink cousins. It brings feelings of playfulness and contentment and reminds us of laughing with a good friend. 

A peach tumbler is a great choice for bringing positive energy to your day and pepping you up with happy feelings.

Mint brings us back to nature, reminding us of the environment, trees, grass and fresh air. Mint is a grounding colour, bringing with it feelings of stability and harmony.

We chose mint for our tumbler range because it reminds us of sustainability and our commitment to making eco-friendly choices for the earth.

Black is unique in its colour psychology. It provides us with feelings of protection, comfort and self confidence. 

Black is an excellent option for showing off your confident attitude and standing tall in your abilities! 

We love a white tumbler for its fresh, clean feelings. White promotes refreshing feelings and gives off the vibe of a clean slate and new beginnings.

Versatile and easily paired with your existing decor, white is a fabulous tumbler option for the office desk.

Dusty Blue
Dusty blue brings with it the sensation of relaxation, peace and clarity. Paired with our range of quality journals, a dusty blue tumbler can form a staple of your self care regime, with its calming tone.

Knowing the psychology behind colour choice is an important part of selecting the right tumbler for your mood. Now that you know the thought process behind our new range, which colour is the right one for you?

View the entire range here and be inspired by the psychology of colour.

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