Coffee and Creativity: A Collaboration of Journaling and Coffee.

Coffee and Creativity: A Collaboration of Journaling and Coffee.

Make Mondays meaningful again with the classic duo: Coffee + journaling!
Nothing sparks the imagination, gets the engines of your mind running or peps you up like a hot coffee in your favourite cup.

Caffeine is like brain fuel and that morning cuppa might just be your perfect opportunity to seize the day and journal while your mind is fresh.

Journal your way to happiness

What a way to start your day. You pour that first cup of fresh coffee, sit down for some quiet time of reflection and open your journal, ready to record your gratitude, hopes and ambitions.
Journaling is a great way of documenting your feelings not only as a form of validation for the now, but also to reflect upon in the future.
Whether you enjoy drawing, writing or doodling; you can find your joy simply by putting pen to paper!

Coffee is a morning ritual

Coffee lovers everywhere know how that first cup of the morning just hits differently. A great way to savour some self care time, pour yourself a coffee into a stainless steel cup and savour that warmth whilst you take as much time as you need.
Morning rituals form an important part of our day as we have something special to look forward to and form a routine that keeps us motivated.

Hot coffee and a quality journal: We’ve got you covered!

Stainless steel is a sustainable choice, which is easy to clean and best of all keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Our range of tumblers come in a variety of fun colours and pair perfectly with our gorgeous journals.
Quality paper, smooth pens and coordinating colour options: You’re spoiled for choice with our range. Add to cart and begin a new journey of morning rituals, journaling and hot coffee.

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