Are Glass Water Bottles Better Than Plastic?

Are Glass Water Bottles Better Than Plastic?

Imagine an ocean surface covered with plastic, and you are not able to see blue water within eyeshot. This is not an apocalyptic movie scene; it might become a reality in 2050 if we don't reform our ways and reduce our usage of plastic. Every day, tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean, degrading its splendor and threatening marine life. Now is the right time to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and save the planet earth from plastics. The minimum you can do is stop using single-use plastic water bottles and switch to glass water bottles.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should switch to glass water bottles from plastic ones.

1. Glass water bottles don’t produce chemicals, unlike plastic bottles

Single-use plastic water bottles have adverse effects on human health. A study from the University of Michigan says that plastic bottles contain chemicals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium that can mix with the water you drink and cause cancer, developmental disorders and immune system problems. This makes plastic dangerous to human health, and the best way to keep yourself protected is to switch to glass water bottles.

2. Plastic water bottles are non-degradable and cause pollution

The plastic glass bottle you are using will remain somewhere in the world even 500 years from now. According to the World Economic Forum, 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated each year, and this plastic is constantly accumulating on the planet.

Most of it is not bio-degradable and pollute the environment nonstop. The world needs to adopt a sustainable lifestyle to minimise the use of plastics to save the planet and keep our oceans free of plastics. We all need to switch to environmentally friendly glass water bottles. 

3. Plastic waste adversely affects marine life

According to the United Nations, more than 800 species worldwide are affected by marine debris, and 90% of these debris is plastic. The marine life mistakes these floating and sinking plastics as food and eats them, which stays in their stomachs and causes suffocation, starvation and other health and digestion related problems. Moreover, this plastic entangles around their necks, gills, wings, fins and bodies and makes them uncomfortable and creates hindrance in preying, consequently leading to death by starvation and suffocation. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle on an individual level by using glass water bottles is a great initiative to save the oceans from plastic.

4. Glass water bottles are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic water bottles

Additionally, glass water bottles are aesthetically more pleasing and beautiful than plastic bottles. With glass water bottles, one can clearly see the fresh water, which is satisfying and visually appealing. In addition, glass water bottles are easy to clean and stay clean even longer. Due to its immense benefits, you should start using environmentally friendly glass water bottles.  

It is our moral responsibility to do our part to save the planet earth from plastics. At least what we can do at an individual level is stop using plastic bottles and start using environmental friendly glass water bottles. This will help in drastically reducing the amount of plastic produced per year to make plastic water bottles. If you want to contribute towards the environment healing journey by using glass water bottles, then Diagonal Horizon is your go-to place. They have glass water bottles in different colours and designs. The quality of glasses is second to none.   

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