5 Tips to start Creative Journaling

5 Tips to start Creative Journaling

So, what is Creative Journaling?

A Creative Journal doesn’t have rules. It doesn’t have prompts for you to follow. It encourages you to write or draw freely.


5 Tips to start Creative Journaling:

Very easy tips that help you started on creative journaling.

  1. Don’t THINK! when you open a journal. Write freely “what’s going on” and “What’s on your mind” Just let it OUT. All the feels on the journal. Let your energy flow.
  2. Don’t JUDGE yourself. Lower your expectations. Don’t go for a perfect layout or worried that you will ruin your journal. Just go do it. When I was a design student, we would start by drawing straight horizonal, vertical and diagonal straight lines free hand to get the wrist moving.
  3. Doodle what you can see, illustrations DOESN'T need to perfect. It’s just what you feel and what you a
  4. Start a Visual Journal – Pick a topic. Pinterest that finds related images that resonates with your topic. Print it out doesn’t need to be on fancy paper, cut it and paste it. That will be your handy vision board that can travel Journal  with you wherever you go.
  5. This is the best one and the most important one. Don’t GIVE UP and Have FUN! This is to help your creativity to flow. Got to let it go and enjoy your present moment.

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