5 Creative Ways to Use Your Stainless-Steel Tumbler

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Stainless-Steel Tumbler

Congratulations on making the switch to a stainless-steel tumbler! Stainless steel is a sustainable and healthy choice that the Earth and your body are thankful for, but did you know stainless steel tumblers are for more than just a cup of water? Here are our top 5 alternative uses for your new stainless steel tumbler:

  1. Keep it Cool
    Infuse your chilled water with a slice of lemon or fruit infusion for a zesty change. Or perhaps you prefer to enjoy an iced tea on a warm day. Your stainless steel cup is the hero we all need, when it comes to temperature controlled refreshment.
  2. Heat Things Up
    Whether you reach for a coffee to start your day, or you’re more of a tea fan, stainless steel tumblers offer complete versatility. Go from your morning cuppa to your evening tea time ritual and never need to change your cup.
  3. Treat Yourself
    Fancy a snack? This handy little cup is perfect for holding your deskside treats. Fill with popcorn, nuts or a cheeky biscuit and enjoy a snack while you work, in a mess free convenient cup!
  4. A Sneaky Sip
    Looking for a way to enjoy your summer cocktail on the lowdown? This handy stainless steel cup is your new best friend! When filled with an icy cold beverage, your cup will do its best to keep your drink disguised and cool.
  5. Did someone say dessert?
    We saved the best for last! Stainless steel tumblers make an excellent vessel for your favourite no-bake dessert. Fill and chill, you will have a deliciously cold dessert ready and waiting for you in the fridge any time day or night.

Stainless steel tumblers bring so much to the table, let’s rethink the way we re-use and make stainless steel tumblers the cup of the future!
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