For the entrepreneur who wants to leave a lasting impression.

           “I want to improve my client experience”.            

  “I don’t just want to send a generic gift”.

I need to reward loyalty or have a really beautiful onboarding experience”. 

       Does this sound like something you have thought or said before?  A bespoke gift box is more than a hamper. It is for the business coach who is starting a mastermind and wants to bring abundance and a beautiful unspoken gesture to their new clients. It is for the entrepreneur who is hosting a retreat and wants a small gift box for their guests. 
Or the business owner who wants to send a beautiful birthday gift to a special client. Does this sound like something you need? Easy done. You (or your VA) can easily organise these bespoke gift boxes, all online.  We have curated a service, where we will create a personalised gift box that will reflect you and your brand! 
Our products are all locally sourced and support local business - it is all about entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.Make bespoke gift boxes part of your marketing efforts - add something different and personalised to your client experience. We would love to help you make that lasting impression. Get in touch with us and we will make this process as smooth and easy for you!Let's get this organised!

                   Want to see what products we offer?

As part of our bespoke boxes, we offer our beautiful personalised gifts - which you can see here. Also, we team up with other amazing product-based entrepreneurs to add those special items that really show you know your client - like a beautifully scented candle or relaxing bath salts to encourage a stress-free lifestyle.

 F87C1B65-FED2-4E4E-AE66-57CA2CD2B0C7.JPG​    Each product we supply has a meaning. All you have to do is decide what products will resonate and connect with your clients. It really is about telling your client “I am thinking of you, I know you and I am here to support you”. Our bespoke gift boxes really are those words unspoken.